4 Tips to become an Eco-Friendly Shipper


The circulation of goods is a vital part of our lives, even if we don’t realize it. If your job is logistics-related – you know how much freight is moving across the globe on a daily basis. The environmental impact cannot be underestimated. Getting rid of emissions and pollution entirely will take some time and technological break-through. To support the green initiative, you can become an eco-friendly shipper.

However, shippers can do small things to contribute to the greener transportation industry.

How can you become an eco-friendly shipper?

Use recycled products

If you are using boxes – target environmentally friendly suppliers. There are a variety of certifications for the eco-friendly packaging. It will usually indicate the recycled content and ensure that no chemicals (e.g.. ink) which might be harmful to the environment have been used.

One setback to this approach is the slight increase in cost. Certified eco-friendly boxes tend to be about 1/3 more expensive than the uncertified ones. This boils down to a company’s core values – save the environment or save a few bucks?

Use the space efficiently

Efficiency is key. Make sure to pack the product as efficiently as possible.

This will save the materials and free up more room on the truck or any other mode of transportation giving you an opportunity to ship more in one go. If possible, combining as much product as possible into one load is worth considering from both eco-friendly and cost-efficient perspectives.

Consider alternative transportation modes

There is no perfect transportation mode at this point, but if multiple shippers switch to a greener mode of transportation, even on just a few loads, it will make a difference on a bigger scale.

Rail is one option to keep in mind – we have covered a few reasons to consider rail for your shipping in one of the previous loads. Not every load is suitable for rail, but for certain loads, it will be beneficial not only from the eco-friendly shipper perspective.

Ensure an efficient supply chain

Again, efficiency is key. Running your supply chain efficiency is one of the critical contributing factors.

Making the most out of each move and managing your reverse logistics properly will not only reduce your environmental impact but will also cut your costs and boost your service level.

These tips are not the end all be all for green transportation, but every action to reduce the environmental impact helps. If even a small amount of companies make these small adjustments, the joint effort will make a difference.

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