3 Key Small Business Shipping Trends for 2020


Shipping is the last, and probably one of the most important steps, in customer satisfaction. Today, a customers experience defines how they perceive brands, products or services. With the viral expansion of e-commerce, more small businesses now have access to the market. However, more possibilities means more competition. To succeed in this dynamic and fast-paced market, you don’t just have to meet expectations, but exceed them. Good products and quality service will always remain key components of a successful business, but a polished shipping strategy can go a long way. Every day, the world is changing, and it is crucial to notice and adapt to new trends. Here are a few key small business shipping trends that can act as a direction for many small businesses in 2020 and beyond.

What small business shipping trends will look like in 2020


Developing a successful omnichannel strategy will be essential for small businesses and retailers who want to outrun their competitors. 2020 will be all about expanding horizons, especially in terms of distribution. Considering your audience, research new channels where you can increase brand awareness, grow sales, and generate revenue from different sources. To properly sell across all the channels, you must have robust inventory management to fulfill the incoming orders on all platforms in the most efficient way.

Essentially, different channels require different approaches. You can’t use a one-fits-all strategy

if you want to get the most out of each opportunity. Conduct advanced analysis of your customers and their behaviors to understand which channels have the most potential for investing your time and money. Ultimately, the more channels you will successfully adapt, the more growth and profitability it will bring to your business.

Going global

Another way to expand your services is to start shipping internationally. If you are already established on a local market, starting to sell to a global market is a natural step towards future growth. Selling products internationally is much easier now than in many years before. With countless technology and software tools, a growing and blooming e-commerce sector, and more affordable shipping platforms appearing, small businesses can access customers across the world. Geopolitical processes in the world will also encourage retailers to search for new markets, and expand their shipping frontiers.

Killer customer service

Customer experience is a key factor and driving force in small business shipping practices. Since it is the closing stage of the customer journey, and the competition is fierce, businesses have to grasp and apply the best possible practices within their opportunity scope and budget. Obviously, not all small companies can afford the luxury of free and same-day delivery and compete with retail giants like Amazon. However, there are ways to extend your shipping experience potential. Firstly, focus on operational processes and eliminating delays, errors, and cancellations. Once you meet the expectations, you can move past the basic line and exceed them.

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