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Trending Transportation Updates: February 2020

There were many new and exciting transportation updates in the shipping industry last month. Check out some of the top stories and transportation updates in February 2020!

Transportation Updates: February 2020

FMCSA present Tech Celerate, a new safety program

FMCSA has recently announced the rollout of the newest program, Tech Celerate 2020, that aims to accelerate governmental and private sector institutions and projects to increase trucking safety. The program will bring together the influential players of tech and safety industries to implement and develop advanced driving assistance systems. The initiative is believed to ease the integration of new technology into trucking and increase driver safety. To read more, click here.

More than 8,000 violations detected through Alcohol and Drug Clearinghouse

Since the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse rolled out on January 6th, more than 8,000 substance abuse violations were uncovered through the system. The new FMCSA initiative is an online database where drivers’ substance violations abuse history can be seen and tracked. So far, Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse has more than 650,000 drivers registered. To read more, click here.

U.S. DOT gives $1 million investment grant to infrastructure projects

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced a $1 million grant for highway infrastructure projects, including projects related to building bridges, highways, rails, and improving intermodal connectivity. Transportation agencies can apply as they meet DOT requirements, such as safety impact, environmental sustainability, innovation advancement, and economic vitality. To read more, click here.

Coronavirus disrupts supply chains

As the newly discovered coronavirus keeps spreading around the world, it has a drastic impact on the global economy and supply chains. Chinese exports have already fallen around 3 times, and the Chinese economy is seemingly coming to a recess. Considering the drop in stock costs and companies shutting down facilities in the most infected areas, Asia will likely experience the intense disruption. Globally, Europe and the U.S. are limiting import freight and preparing for the wave of virus disruption. To read more, click here.

Trending Transportation Updates: November 2019

There were many new and exciting transportation updates in the shipping industry last month. Check out some of the top stories and transportation updates in November!

Transportation Updates: November 2019

Walmart Canada launches world’s largest blockchain application

The retail giant has recently announced its plan to set up a huge freight and payment network, powered by blockchain technology. Walmart Canada collaborated with DLT Labs to develop the application. The industry blockchain solution will process payments, store data, verify transactions, and track freight shipments. The final launch of a web portal that will also be available as the mobile application is planned on February 1, 2020. Read more here.

Amazon will open grocery stores without human cashiers

Amazon is extending its retail initiatives by preparing a network of supermarkets and grocery stores called Amazon Go. The retail mogul plans to make the stores cashiers and take out checkout lines. The project is currently being tested in the facility in the Seattle Capitol neighborhood. Amazon is also planning to sell the license after successfully launching the initiative. Read more here.

The consequences of a trade war could cost the U.S. economy $186 billion

The recent study on the implementation and impact of Trump’s import tariffs reveals the risks these changes can cost each state nationwide. Turns out, the two years of a trade war with China can threaten nearly 1.5 million US jobs and $186 billion of the country’s economic activity. Read more here.

UPS expects a record amount of returns during the holiday season

Every year the holiday season gets busier, and this year is expected to set the record for return goods, according to UPS estimates. Postal service expects returns to rise 26% up compared to last year, which will represent 1.9 million packages on January, 2. Before Christmas day, the carrier plans to handle 1.6 million returns per day. Read more here.

Trending Transportation Updates: September 2019

There were many new and exciting updates in the shipping industry last month. Check out some of the top stories and transportation updates in September!

Transportation updates in September 2019

Amazon to start a logistics business

The e-commerce mogul has announced it’s a plan to start a business in the logistics industry. Amazon wants to develop its own delivery fleet by renting aircrafts and launching an employee support program. The company is offering $10,000 to the workers so they can start their shipping business. “I think Amazon has stated that they’re now a competitor to the transport industry. FedEx has clearly viewed them as an increasing competitor following their recent moves,” – said Ken Hoexter, a research analyst at Bank of America. Read more here.

Holiday season begins: The U.S. ports admit record freight volumes

As the holiday season rolls out, the largest ports are seeing an increase in inbound freight since August. The Port of Oakland states a 3.1 percent increase for imports and 1 percent for export freight. The Port of Los Angeles Executive Director, Gene Seroka, commented, “The final monthsshipping port of 2018 ended with an extraordinary influx of imports to beat expected tariffs on China-origin goods. We don’t expect to see that kind of volume in the months ahead. We need a negotiated settlement of the U.S.-China trade war to restore global trade stability.” Read more here.

IMO 2020: Experts expect oil price volatility and an increase in freight costs


Effective January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization’s low-sulfur mandate will become valid. Logistics experts believe it can lead to significant disruptions in the industry, including freight cost increase and price volatility. “The industry is still in a financial tailspin since the financial crisis, but the technology is ready and mandates being enforced by each country will make this a reality,” said Jigar Shah, co-founder, and president of Generate Capital. Read more here.