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How Does Healthcare Shipping and Delivery Work?

Just like any other industry, healthcare and pharmacy institutions require fast and reliable shipping solutions. For the health industry, compliance and shipping speed are critical factors. Whether it’s prescription drugs delivery or urgent hospital supply shipping, time and organization matter. Any disruption or delay can lead to serious consequences, so companies are under the pressure of accurate and well-planned organization of healthcare shipping.

What is important for healthcare shipping?

Medical services are very diverse, and there are different needs and requirements in terms of transportation. Mostly, healthcare services rely on temperature-controlled shipping, specialized equipment shipping, expedited delivery, and assistance in terms of compliance, customs, etc.

Temperature control

Pharmacy and prescription drugs’ delivery is usually handled through refrigerated shipping. It’s extremely important to keep a certain climate, whether it’s deep freeze or thermal blankets. Spoiled or mishandled drugs can directly impact people’s lives.

Supply chain management

Proper management is very important for successful and on-time shipping. When dealing with healthcare, every step should be thought out in advance. Making sure all the parties are updated and all the stages of the transportation process run smoothly is an essential goal of healthcare shipping management.


Another crucial concern is supply chain transparency and shipment visibility. Accessible shipment tracking is important for every type of medical services, ranging from patients who wait for prescribed drugs to special facilities who order equipment or supplies. It allows monitoring for every stage of delivery and potentially prevents any disruptions while in transit.

Special services

Healthcare shipping requires the deployment of special services, like expedited shipping, for remote areas or advanced temperature control. In terms of transit time and conditions, it’s important to provide equipment solutions to deliver freight in the right condition. In some cases, time can be a really valuable resource. Here’s where dedicated and expedited shipping services come into play.

Ultimately, healthcare shipping requires responsibility and an extremely high level of organization.

What is Specialized Shipping?

The global economy is rapidly developing, facing new challenges every day. One of the constant challenges is the demand for a convenient shipping service, and specialized shipping is not an exception. Specialized shipping is usually used in industrial businesses like oil and gas, mining, metal manufacturing and more. In most cases, these industries require special freight handling because shipments are either too big, heavy or need services that regular shipping companies do not provide.

Logistics serves hundreds of different industries, from the grocery and retail industry to the mining industry. Each type of shipment normally has specific requirements, but there are some objects that are shipped that fall into the category of “specialized freight.” Usually, specialized freight includes mining equipment, large metal details, oilfield exploration machinery, agriculture equipment and more. Specialized freight involves goods that are large in size, weight, dimensions, or demand special handling services during transit. Specialized shipping services allow companies with specialized freight and equipment to move freight safely and efficiently.

How is specialized freight transported?what is specialized shipping

Shipping specific materials requires different transportation modes and customized vehicles. These vehicles combine dry van, refrigerated shipping, flatbed trucks, side kit trailers, lowboys, step deck, and double deck trailers. If shipping involves chemicals, hazardous materials, or temperature-sensitive freight, the trailers must be accustomed to those specifications. Some of the loads also require an escort service.

How to choose a shipping provider for your specialized shipping needs?

One of the hardest parts in arranging proper shipments for bulky equipment or supplies is finding a professional logistics partner. Here are some key features of an adequate specialized shipping provider:

  • Thorough experience in the supply chain and logistics industry is crucial for logistics companies to understand your business needs clearly and provide proper solutions.
  • An extensive network of carriers plays a significant role in preserving the capacity for your loads to ensure the shipment process runs smoothly.
  • The variety of services has to be wide enough to provide solutions, from specialized trucks and hazardous materials shipping to escort services.
  • Make sure your logistics partner uses advanced technology, like a transportation management system (TMS), so freight management and visibility are at the highest level.
  • The expert team has to be skilled and experienced enough to estimate your needs and implement the right solutions.

The construction and mining sectors are constantly expanding, so having a specialized shipping provider is crucial for the industry’s growth. Here at PLS Logistics Services, we have more than two decades of experience in moving freight like mining, metal and oilfield equipment and supplies. Our company will provide you with a full range of specialized shipping services, regardless of the challenges you are facing.