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Let PLS Logistics Services be your one-stop-shop for your heavy haul needs. Our heavy haul experts are here to answer all your questions and concerns with heavy haul shipping. With over 30 years of experience, we are well acquainted with the laws and regulations in each state. We will help deliver your shipments all over the U.S, including Canada and Mexico.

With over 55,000 carriers, PLS has the capabilities to tailor to your shipping needs with multi-point deliveries at the best price guaranteed. In addition, we will be able to help deliver any of your shipments within any time frame.

At PLS, you will speak with our specialized experts who will provide you with 24/7 service, including costs, pre-planned permitted routes, live updates, and more for load movement success!

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Why Choose PLS Logistics?

Our team has the capabilities and understanding of all the unknown costs of heavy haul shipments. Our team members will be able to quote permit and escorts costs and all other third parties needed. So don't wait; get your one-stop-shop free quote today.

Talk to Our Experienced Heavy Haul Experts
One- Stop Shop With 24/7 Communication
Get Live Shipment Updates
Capabilities to Quote Permit, Escorts and Other Third-Party Costs
Ship anywhere in the U.S. including  Canada and Mexico
55,000+ Carriers in PLS Network
Experience of working with Fortune 500 companies
Industrial Baler
Norwalk, CT - Redding, CA
Apache Helicopter
Baltimore, MD to Huntsville, AL
90ft. Steel Pipe
Ambridge, PA to Tauton, MA
16ft. OD Filter Receiver
Monclova, Cahulia, MEX to Norfolk, VA