Why Company Culture Matters at PLS Logistics

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PLS Logistics Services is a company who cares about its employees, which is evident from the fun, vibrant culture throughout our offices. At PLS, our employees are dedicated and work hard, but they are energetic and have fun too. This camaraderie is palpable in each of the existing and newly established offices expanding across the U.S.

PLS offices house basketball hoops, tiki huts, cornhole, and even ping-pong tables, providing an outlet for employees to let loose and build strong relationships. Our goal is to go above and beyond in terms of providing excellent service to our customers but to have a good time while we’re at it.

The logistics and supply chain industry is an expanding market, so our employees are confident and ready to tackle the unavoidable challenges that may arise in the future. By providing an atmosphere conducive to hard work and fun, we are positive that our employees will be well-equipped to handle the open road ahead with plenty of industry expertise and innovation.

Even when the workday is over, PLS employees get together for happy hours, tailgates, poker nights, friendly sales competitions (we even have a bell for major sales!), and charity events. By bonding on and off the sales floor, we form stronger ties with one another and ultimately form a more cohesive team. PLS’s corporate culture is aimed at forming family bonds — after all, most people spend more time with colleagues than anyone else. So why not build a family unit you can rely on in the office? Building these ties is key to our success, and forming a culture where our employees actually enjoy coming to work is just one of the numerous benefits of working here at PLS Logistics Services.

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