What Skills Are Employers Looking For In 2019?

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What exactly are employers looking for in 2019? There are many factors that go beyond just a college degree that can qualify you for a position. Essentially, things like a knowledge base and hard skills play a large role in the employee selection process. However, companies shift their search to soft skills and individual traits that can contribute to a certain position. Employers are shifting to more skills-oriented models, based on particular abilities, talents, traits, and experience rather than on formal characteristics.

Each year, LinkedIn does a number of surveys about job market trends. They’ve investigated various job applications and defined a few key soft skills that employers are looking for in 2019. We’ve added a few additional traits as well:

Problem Solving

With more automation invading our everyday routine, it seems like the need for human efforts is gradually decreasing. However, logic and effective decision making is not going anywhere. With more people and technology involved in the working process, quick and efficient decisions will be in-demand. The ability to deal with stressful situations and solve problems was always crucial to employers, and now it’s even more important.


Start-ups and e-commerce businesses keep entering the market. Obviously, each company tries to stand out of the crowd with the unique products, services, or marketing approach. With such a big number of players, it gets really complicated to do something special. That’s why employers are hunting creative minds to get those ‘out-of-box’ ideas into work.


Mostly regarding sales, marketing, and management-related positions, the ability to persuade is one of the most attractive traits for employers in 2019. The marketplace is overcrowded with products and marketing messages, and having a good strategy and catching employees attention is how businesses can stand out among the rest. People who know how to click with the customer and sell will be in extreme demand this year and in the future.


More and more companies pay attention to your communication skills. If you can’t work in a team, it’s questionable whether your hard skills will save you. The new rules of the labor market tell us that capability to efficiently collaborate within the company is no longer optional. Communication and collaboration increase your reputation and helps benefit the entire working process.


Obviously, the trend for flexibility will continue to grow since today’s world is changing every day. People no longer stick to rigid business models, they change jobs more often. The range of responsibilities within one job may change according to market needs. Ultimately, being adaptable and always willing to learn plays a substantial role in your overall image.

Time Management

Time management stays at the top of required skills. Multitasking and cross-responsibilities demand high organizational skills. The ability to manage your tasks and time properly results in better productivity and makes you a valuable asset to the company. Although it’s hard to completely beat procrastination, candidates who demonstrate good time-management skills will be ahead.

Ultimately, landing a job in 2019 is not as challenging as it may seem to be. The tight labor market requires just a little effort to push yourself above the average and stand out among others. If you already have a good knowledge base, training soft skills will be a significant benefit.

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