Tips for Landing a Job in the Logistics Industry

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The logistics industry is one of the fastest growing and most appealing fields of work for young people today, and with a seemingly endless demand for jobs, the field can be highly competitive.

So how do you set yourself apart? Check out some quick tips on how to land a job in the fast-paced world of logistics.

Best college majors:

Say you want to career in the logistics, but your university doesn’t offer a logistics-related degree. What is the next best option to make you as appealing as possible to future employers?

  • Supply Chain Management – Many “logistics” degrees are often repurposed under the title of “Supply Chain Management.” The management and supervision of the collective bodies that work in unison to move a product across the country lies at the very heart of what the logistics industry is. Supply Chain Management majors often have hands-on experience in the development, production and sourcing of these activities.
  • Marketing – The logistics industry often attracts creative and highly-motivated students, many of whom enter the workforce with degrees in marketing. Successful marketing majors are often extremely good at communicating and are trained to recognize how to better connect with clients and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Business – Business is a degree that often goes hand-in-hand with marketing, with many business graduates working in the marketing departments of their respective companies. With so much competition in the expanding logistics industry, understanding how to run a business is a highly competitive but highly rewarding facet of the logistics industry.

Set goals:

What is your ultimate goal in the logistics industry? With so much room for growth and expansion within the industry itself, many entry-level positions turn into life-long careers. Having said that, knowing what you want your endgame to be will better help you progress through the industry.

Know the industry:

Become as familiar with the logistics industry as you can before your interview. This will impress the hiring manager and increase the likelihood of getting the job. It will also give you a leg up on the competition once you do start, as you will have to spend less time learning the ropes and will be able to jump into work immediately.

Be technologically savvy:

Logistics is one of the most technologically-driven industries right now. Most companies use a transportation management system (TMS). If you’re not already, familiarizing yourself with Microsoft Office and various computer management systems is a good idea.


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