Tips for Landing a Job in 2019

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The US and its economy are showing strong growth for job opportunities and wages are rising.

Because of the pick-up in the economy, employers expect to hire more in 2019.

How to Land a Job this Year:

Build Qualifications

  • Know your skillset and expose it
  • Work on projects in all industries
  • Educate yourself on different job functions and interests

Review and Update Your Resume

  • Fill your resume with the most current information available
  • Analyze your skills, knowledge and work experience to prepare for potential questions

Apply, Apply, Apply

  • Find positions that are a good fit for you
  • Write a cover letter that sets you apart

Research and Prepare

  • Study the position and the company you are interviewing for
  • Consider questions you might have about the position or company
  • Be confident and show how you can add value during the interview

Communicate Effectively

  • Be professional in how you dress and speak during the interview
  • Keep your social media profiles clean
  • Have a positive attitude and be personable
  • Follow up with a thank-you note

Network, Volunteer

  • Gain more experience any way you can
  • Join online groups to learn more about an industry, job position or job opportunities
  • Join local professional groups to spark your professional interests
  • Volunteer and network with people as much as possible

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