The Job Search Mistakes You’re Making

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Without realizing it, you could be making errors during the application, interview or post-interview process that is hurting your chance of being hired. Here is a list of tips of behaviors you want to avoid:

  • You don’t keep your options open

Keep applying to jobs and accepting interviews until you are offered a position that you want to take. It’s not worth putting your job search on hold while you wait to hear back from one potential employer.

  • You’re too picky

Don’t turn down interviews or skip applying for a position because it doesn’t seem like a “dream job.” Instead, use the opportunity to enhance your interviewing skills, learn more information and maybe even fall in love with the company.

  • You don’t include a cover letter

By not including a cover letter, you are missing an opportunity to express your interest in the job. A well-written cover letter will make it clear to your future employer that you are qualified and interested.

  • Your resume

Having errors on your resume is a big mistake job candidates make. Don’t include too much past experience, check for spelling errors, ask your references for their support and never lie.

  • You haven’t mastered the thank-you note

Without a thank-you note, you are missing the chance to sell yourself on a personal level to the hiring manager. If you do send a thank-you note, and it is generic or past-due, then you don’t seem genuinely interested in the position.

  • You didn’t do your research

Always check the company’s website and social media pages before heading into an interview. It’s important to be as knowledgeable as you can about the brand, industry, and job. Without doing research, you are showing that the position isn’t important to you.

  • Your attitude and behaviors are off-putting

If you have a negative attitude or bad business intelligence, people notice. Remember to remain calm, show confidence and use your best professional manners.

  • You are unorganized

When you walk into a room with ruffled papers and a briefcase ripping at the seams, you’ll appear unorganized. Neatly stack your portfolio, resume and other information needed for the interview and present yourself with your best foot forward.

  • You’re too focused on yourself

Although you are at an interview in order to get a job offer, the business is holding the interview in search of the best candidate. If you are only focused on the benefits the job will have on you, then hiring managers will most likely pass you for a candidate who sees how their skills and experience benefit the job.


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