The Importance of an Internship

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In today’s job market, internships are essential for college students to resume building. To stand out, college students should plan on completing at least two internships. No longer will just a degree get you a job offer after graduation. More and more people are graduating from college, which makes the degree less valuable than in years past. Employers are looking for experience and well-rounded students. Employers look for the number as well as the quality of internships completed, which makes an internship more valuable than ever.

The most important thing to gain from doing an internship is work experience. Employers need to hire someone with work experience who can get up-to-speed right away.

An internship teaches many important skills. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • The chance to network and get contacts
  • Learn professional etiquette
  • Get professional references
  • “Try-out” a certain career field
  • Understand how classroom skills can be applied in a business setting
  • Get a foot in the door with a prospective employer
  • Opportunity to receive a job offer afterward

These benefits can come from any work experience. An internship will mean different things to different people and majors. Susan Katz, liaison for North Carolina State University’s internship program, explains this well in an article on For example, an internship in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) major can provide technical experience and basic knowledge for an intern.

On the other hand, an internship in a Humanities or Social Sciences area can go further by adding validity to the student’s coursework in relation to a career path. In other words, it helps employers see how a student’s coursework is relevant and helpful in a particular workplace.

Completing an internship before you graduate, or even after you graduate, is necessary to find a job today. There are numerous benefits to getting real-world experience in the workplace. If you haven’t completed an internship yet, you should look for one now.

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