Lessons to Learn from Rejection

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We can all agree that finding a job and going on interviews is stressful and overwhelming. Then, after the interview, you receive a phone call that says, “It was a great pleasure to meet you” and “you were extremely qualified, however, we decided to pursue another candidate” – it’s hard to feel anything less than discouraged.

But, stop seeing rejection as a bad thing; yes, being offered the position may have been the ideal opportunity, but throughout the process, you were able to gain valuable insights that will remain with you throughout the rest of your job hunt and career.

Here are 4 simple lessons you can learn from job search rejection:

  1. Always be yourself
    Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Interview with a genuine attitude – it really shows.
  2. Be confident
    If you want your future employer to believe in your skills and capabilities, then you have to believe in them too! Be confident in your skills and don’t second-guess yourself.
  3. There’s always room for improvement
    Never stop learning and always ask for feedback. Improving and expanding your skills will be a process you should continue throughout your career.
  4. Keep asking questions
    Show interest in the company by asking questions and starting conversations. If you didn’t ask a question during the interview but are interested in an answer, try a follow-up email or phone call.

Communication with employers is key to building professional skills. In-person interviews provide you with practice – like how to answer tough questions and talk about your accomplishments. So, if you find yourself on the receiving end of one of those “we regret to inform you” emails or phone calls, just remind yourself that as one door closes, another one is inevitably bound to open.

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