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Let’s face it, the world we live in is tech savvy. Job searching, applications, and even interviewing use technology to determine the best candidates. The newest (and probably easiest) way to search for and apply to available job positions is on a mobile device.

Social media sites and apps have become extremely popular in the past few years because of the ease of use and convenience of cell phones, tablets, and laptops. We almost always have our smartphones with us, so why not search for jobs when you have a few minutes here and there? Some of the best mobile job hunting apps today include:

One of the most popular social networking apps that connects you with coworkers and other peers in your industry. It also allows you to search for jobs and companies to expand your professional network. This app is particularly useful because most employers and companies search and screen applicants based on their profiles; so catering your profile to your industry of interest can give you an edge over the competition. (Follow us.)

Job Compass
This app is unique in that it has a GPS feature available that suggests jobs within a certain mile radius — depending on the settings you choose. If you find a company you like, it provides a company description, a brief background, a contact for the hiring manager, and the option to apply directly then and there on your phone. (PLS is on this app too!) Interviews
This app is specifically designed to make the interview process as smooth as possible. It gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of the interviewing process and gives advice on how to follow-up. It is perfect if you don’t have enough time to fully prepare for an interview.

Pocket Resume
This handy app is awesome for those individuals who need to update and reformat their resume. It takes the hassle out of logging onto a computer and grabbing your existing resume from Google Docs and enables you to directly send your resume from your smartphone.

While these apps may be helpful, don’t forget about the other tips you’ve learned when it comes to interviews and job searches. Mobile job hunting is on the rise, so make sure you are prepared and ahead of your competition by downloading these apps today.

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