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Social media networks have emerged as a great tool for those searching for jobs. With millions of members and more joining daily, LinkedIn offers people a chance to brand themselves and learn more about industries, companies, and thought leaders they are interested in. Connecting with others online helps you create professional opportunities and competitive knowledge. LinkedIn is an appropriate resource for your career, regardless of age or experience level.

LinkedIn is regarded as the number one social network for professionals. Whether you are a recent college graduate looking to get your foot in the door or a seasoned expert with years of experience, social media offers a place to connect with peers and experts, save an online version of your resume, share content and create discussions on the topics that interest you most.

With LinkedIn, your job history, education, awards, and best skills are on display in one online forum. Now, you can’t lose your hard-earned professional information, plus you can update it at any time, anywhere!

A great source of information! You can research people on LinkedIn, say, your interviewer or old boss. It might benefit you to know how their career started or where they attended college. You can also look up company profiles to learn more about a specific organization. Whether you are interested in their philanthropies, interested in them for a personal reason or keep up with them because they share great content, companies (big and small) can be found on LinkedIn. Another great benefit of LinkedIn, is that you can find and become involved in various groups and discussions. Chat with experts, ask questions or start a discussion of your own to build authority and knowledge in a specific area.

Still not convinced you to need a LinkedIn account? Well, employers and recruiters use LinkedIn too! They scan the enormous pool of members to find and research applicants that would make a good fit in their company. With a well-built LinkedIn profile, you can be sought out for a position, rather than persistently scanning job boards and websites yourself.

Don’t forget, social media shows who you are. Represent yourself well on social networks in order for it to benefit you in a job search. Recruiters and interviewers will be able to see your communication style, writing skills, work history, education, interests and more.

LinkedIn is full of original business opportunities for you to take advantage of. Whether you are seeking a career change, interested in learning about a company or in need of new clients, this social network can aid in the search. With continued development and utilization, LinkedIn will benefit your career for the long-haul.

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