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Do you have an interview coming up and are looking for advice on how best to prepare? We asked our recruiters to give us the things that they look for when interviewing a potential candidate.

  1. Do your research: It almost goes without saying, but having more than a cursory knowledge of the industry as well as the company you are interviewing with will serve you well. It never hurts to go above and beyond what the employer might be expecting. The more knowledgeable and intelligent you sound, the more qualified you will be to land the job over someone else.
  2. Relax: Another huge key is to stay relaxed both before and during the interview. Don’t psyche yourself out; chances are if you’ve already landed an interview, the company already thinks highly enough of you to consider you as a candidate. Remaining relaxed and confident will make you appear more professional than someone constantly pausing and second-guessing every answer they give.
  3. Eye contact: Employers value this highly during the interview process. Proper eye contact, along with a firm handshake, lets the person conducting the interview know that you mean business. Making eye-contact during the discussion is both a way to show respect to the person interviewing you, as well as a good way to project confidence in yourself.
  4. Ask questions: Always have a few questions prepared beforehand. Even if the same questions were answered during the interview, saying things like “could you go over…” or “just to reiterate…” helps you become dually engaged in the process.
  5. Dress for success: Look the part. If the attire is listed as business casual, go business casual. If it’s a formal interview, wear a full suit. It never hurts to overdress. If you’re unsure, ere on the side of caution. Wearing a tie will never hurt your chances.

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