Interview Habits to Avoid

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Interviews can be nerve-racking and many people get anxious before an interview. This is completely natural, but the nervousness can lead to poor interview decisions.

Candidates should enter into an interview feeling confident, prepared and with a positive mindset. Below are some tips for the day of the interview:

  • Do not arrive too early– arriving more than 15 minutes early puts pressure on the interviewer to drop what they are doing to deal with you.
  • Don’t be over-rehearsed – It is possible to be over prepared and it gives off a robotic vibe to the interviewer.  The interviewer wants to be able to hear some natural thought processes to your answers instead of your ability to recall verbatim the answers you have memorized.
  • Thank them– they took time out of their busy schedule to meet and interview you. You should send them a thank you email following the interview, highlighting key parts of the interview, emphasizing your interest and stressing the value you could add to the organization.
  • Do not bring personal matters into the interview –  Try not to get too personal during small talk. No one wants to hear about your wild night out on the town last Saturday or about the argument you are having with your significant other. Keep it professional.
  • Try not to ask irrelevant questions – make sure the questions that you ask are relevant to the job and have not already been answered during the interview. If you are unsure about something discussed earlier, ask them to clarify instead of asking about it directly.  If the interviewer already explained it, they might think that you weren’t paying attention.
  • Don’t be a “What’s in it for me?” Person  –You want to convince the interviewer that you can add value to the company. Try to avoid asking questions or making statements that only benefit you.

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