How to Win Over a Recruiter

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Ultimately, a recruiter is the bridge between you and your future employer. In order to be considered for an interview, you need to create a relationship with the recruiter, showcasing your skills and personality. After all, they are the ones who report back to HR and recommend the specific applicants they interacted with. Show that you’re an ideal fit for the position. When you’re talking to a recruiter, be sure to follow these 3 simple rules:

  1. Be Enthusiastic
    Aside from career fairs, most interactions with recruiters are over the phone. So in order to make a good first impression, prepare for your phone interview. Consider every experience with a recruiter as a step toward getting an interview. The recruiter’s job is to build a profile for you and determine your candidacy by getting a feel for your knowledge, experience, skill, and passion for the industry.
  2. Ask Great Questions
    The best way to show your interest and passion for a company and an industry is to ask the recruiter questions. Always seek the recruiter’s feedback and advice they have great insight into the company, job, and culture, plus it shows you respect their knowledge and opinions.Here are some sample questions to help get you started:
  3. What’s the reason for the open position?
  4. What can I expect in terms of the interview process and how can I prepare?
  5. Are there any other insights into the company and/or Hiring Manager you can give me that may be helpful?
  6. Show Gratitude and Respect
    Always thank the recruiter for their time and attention.Try to make the recruiter your own best advocate. Be genuine and be yourself, they will appreciate your honesty and it displays your true character. Follow these 3 rules and you can be sure that the recruiter will recommend your application for an interview!

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