How To Recruit Talents For Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and supply chain management isn’t a common choice for a career field, but it can be very rewarding. The supply chain industry offers many meaningful jobs, complex challenges, above-average income, and opportunities for career growth. Yet, recruiting supply chain management talents for this industry can be challenging. Sometimes recruiters have to fight against the stereotypes of supply chain careers, especially when it comes to hiring young professionals.

It’s easier said than done, but there are many ways to attract young professionals to the logistics and supply chain industry. To capture talents you have to search in different places and try different approaches.

3 ways to recruit supply chain management talents

Change the brand image

Many young professionals may see supply chain jobs as uninteresting or too complex, with fewer opportunities for growth. Your primary task is to change that perception. Make sure to refresh your reputation and make marketing efforts. This can range from making a promo video to launching LinkedIn ads, but the most important thing is the result.

Refresh your website

Having a visually attractive and responsive site is a must for a company who wants to succeed in their career promoting efforts. Young talents pay attention to how you present yourself, and for them, your website is your face. Also, make sure to deliver a clear, concise message. Make sure to highlight your key benefits and value propositions that will attract talents. It is important to distinguish yourself from competitor companies in terms of career opportunities.

Offer internships and partner with universities

Internships are a great test drive for young talents to see if this job is a good fit. A mistake many supply chain companies make is assuming that an internship is a one-sided relationship. If you want to retain specialists, you have to use a different approach. You have to equally take efforts to teach and provide challenging tasks and experience. A good place to find quality interns are specialized universities. Set relationships with leading universities that prepare supply chain talents, participate in career fairs, etc.

Eventually, it’s about the omnichannel approach. Look into all possible channels to recruit supply chain talents, and work on your professional reputation and attitude to keep them.

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