How To Increase Your Value In A Remote Work Environment?

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Despite many offices lifting restrictions, most of the workforce still remains in a virtual workplace. With COVID-19 cases increasing across multiple states, it is uncertain when we will return to physical workplaces, or if we ever will. During this time, many employees struggle to stand out and demonstrate their value to the company, especially the new ones. If you are looking for ways to grow and become a more resourceful employee while working remotely, consider these few tips.

How to stand out while working remotely?

Communicate and collaborate

Communication always was a crucial aspect of good work relationships, and it became even more critical right now. It is often complicated effectively communicate through chat or even a Zoom call. Make sure to clearly communicate your daily achievements, send updates on large projects, ask for detailed feedback, ask questions, and offer help.

Clear and direct communication will make your approach to tasks and projects more efficient, and thus you will bring more value to the company. If daily communication doesn’t give you the desired transparency and clarity you need, schedule recurring meetings to keep track of the updates and discuss all the arising issues. Presenting yourself as an open, collaborative, and social person interested in better teamwork will definitely make you noticed and appreciated.

Always be prepared for the meetings

It’s easy to get too relaxed or carried away when working from home. In some cases, this is okay, but most of the time, it is important to be prepared. Make sure to walk through an agenda, or to create one, and ask all the necessary questions during the meeting. Perceive the calls as a chance to communicate more clearly, to grasp more insight for the project, and to finally socialize with your coworkers.

Be proactive with ideas

On the days when you are not overloaded with work, you have more time to overview industry news, trends, get inspired, and pitch some fresh ideas to your company. Being proactive is especially valued during this time. Whether it is a new project idea or a new suggestion for a better work organization, your initiative will make you stand out.

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