How To Fight Procrastination While Working From Home

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Everyone has experienced when you have things to do, and you have time, but you just keep pushing it back and back until you almost run out of time. If you are guilty of doing this, you are not alone. We all indulge in this guilty pleasure called procrastination. If you’re working from home, you may sometimes find yourself scrolling down your newsfeed instead of finishing that last project. For some people, working from home means peace of mind, silence, and better time management. But for others, the home atmosphere holds way more distractions than a crowded office space. Everybody procrastinates, but if you often do everything last minute or break deadlines, consider these tips on how to fight procrastination while working from home.

How to fight procrastination while working from home:

Arrange a workplace

No matter how much you like your bed, you can’t get the job done if you’re spending all of your day there. Arranging a decent, comfortable workplace will help you stay organized. This way, you can split your activity throughout the day, keeping yourself busy at a desk. Also, many people admit choosing more sophisticated home attire helps them be more productive. If you feel too relaxed in pajamas, dress accordingly to kick off the day.

Limit distractions

The best way to boost your efficiency and fight procrastination is by limiting access to things or activities that distract you. Think of what makes you most distracted. Do you pick up your phone every five minutes? Or switch between the working tab and newsfeed? Is your music up too loud and breaking your concentration? It’s useful to leave your phone out of the workplace and in another room if you can. Leave only those tabs that you really need for work.

Invent a reward

A good old way of getting things done quickly is promising yourself a kind of reward. Make small rewards a part of your working process. It can be a snack, a walk, a coffee break, a cuddle with your cat, or any other motivation that works for you. This way, you have the reason to actually finish important tasks before you can relax.

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