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If you are graduating soon, there’s a good chance you’re overwhelmed with choosing your future career field. Often it seems to be an impossible thing to do, with all the pressure and wide range of options available in the world.

You are not alone – almost everyone has struggles on which path to choose right out of college.

Choosing a career field is not as hard as it seems. Here are some useful tips to help you define which area will fit you best.

How to choose a career field?

Step 1: Assess yourself

One of the best things you can do is to try to accurately define your abilities, talents, skills, experiences, and preferences. Do your preferences match your real skills? What are you really good at? What brings you joy? Ask your friends and family what they think would be good for you and write all it down for reference during your job search.

Step 2: Don’t be dramatic

Many students assume they have to choose their final career right after graduation and feel very pressured. Statistics show that 91 percent of Millennials are expected to change their job every three years. Understanding that career choice won’t handcuff you to a certain job will make the decision phase a little bit easier.

Step 3: Go through an advanced assessment

After you have thought out possible options and have written down your experience and best features, try taking a more serious approach. There are numerous tests and career quizzes with different questions and tasks available to help you. They will help you define your personality type, and more accurate career areas to enter after graduation.

Step 4: Create a short-list

It’s time to analyze all of the options and highlight a few that seem to be the best fit for you to pursue. Determine 2-3 career options and start doing deeper research on each of them, such as read blogs, talk with insiders, review LinkedIn, etc.

Step 5: Consider all the factors

Once you have laid out all of your options, it is time to see which options you can really see yourself pursuing. You should consider factors such as your personality type, salary, and lifestyle you’ll have with any job that you decide to pursue. For instance, having your own business seems attractive, but if you have trouble with abstract thinking, and are afraid of taking risks, a well-paid and stable job at a corporation may be a better fit for you.

Step 6: Choose and proceed with the final research

Once you have decided on a field you would like to look for a position in, it is time to begin your research. There are multiple online job board websites to help you search for open positions across the country.

And remember, your choice is not a do-or-die decision. You can always change your mind and decide on another option. Just make sure your dreams match reality – and do your best!


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