Creating a Personal Brand

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As you are aware, organizations around the globe build their brand to be associated with good characteristics. Most brands strive to represent quality, ethics, experience, expertise, etc.. Why? Because brands make products more desirable and memorable. A brand is defined by anything that separates it from others.

When it comes to your career, building your personal brand is just as important. What do you represent? What qualities would you want to be linked to you? Building a personal brand opens doors for professional opportunity. One great way to earn a good professional reputation is building your online presence, through blogging or posts to social networks like LinkedIn. When you’re online, share and create with a purpose.

Your personal brand is directly linked to your reputation. Employers, hiring managers, clients and peers form opinions based on interactions and behaviors, both online and in-person. If you’re a personal brand is confident and compelling, it is more likely that you will earn a relationship with the people watching.

Strive to be the best. Keep up with the latest information in your desired industry or field, research companies where you’d like to work and join groups or associations affiliated with these areas. When you do this, you extend your reach and build your personal brand.


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