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If you are in college, you probably have heard about your university’s Career Services department. Every student pays for Career Services as part of their tuition, yet many do not use this valuable asset or even understand what they do.

Career Services departments should be utilized by every student because they offer services that greatly benefit the students that use them. Some of the services they offer are:

  • Career exploration: Career Service Representatives can help students learn about various occupations within their field of study so that they have a better idea of the available career paths. They have connections with alumni who are often invited back to campus to discuss their experience with current students. These discussions are valuable not only for career exploration, but it allows students to network and possibly get a foot in the door with the alumni’s company.
  • Internship assistance: Representatives will work with students to help find an internship. While they cannot guarantee placement, they can help make sure that students are aware of deadlines, on-campus recruiting events, and help with preparation for the interviewing process.
  • Career placement: Career Services maintain job listings and make them available to the students, both full-time and part-time positions as well as internships. They also host on-campus career fairs which are another great networking opportunity with future employer prospects.
  • Relationships with recruiters: The Career Services department have relationships with a plethora of corporate recruiters. They help students get in contact with corporate recruiters as well as host recruiting events on campus. They do a great job of getting students exposure to these recruiters allowing them to network and create relationships that hopefully translate into internships or full-time positions.
  • Resume writing and interview assistance: They often conduct workshops and provide individual resume critiques and offer recommendations on how to strengthen it. Many Career Services offices also offer interview assistance in the form of the mock interview. They will tailor the interview to the company of choice and ask questions that are likely to come up. With their large network of alumni contacts as well as corporate recruiter connections, Career Services Representatives are likely to know what companies are looking for in a candidate and if one of their students would be a good fit.
  • Graduate school advisement: Career Services can help undergraduate students choose an appropriate graduate school and program that fits well with their career aspirations.

Most college students are looking to obtain a career in their field of study as soon as they graduate. Utilizing the Career Services department can only benefit students. After all, they will help you achieve your goal of post-graduation employment.

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