Back to School Tips for Returning College Students

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Whether you are beginning your sophomore, junior or senior year of college, there are a few things to keep in mind before classes start. Make a smooth transition from your summer lifestyle into the social and academic events of your college career with these 5 tips:

  1. Complete your paperwork
    Choosing a meal plan and filling out housing forms are easy to push off until the last minute, especially when you’re trying to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer break. But, get all your paperwork completed and turned in.  Then, you can focus on packing up and reuniting with all your college friends.
  1. Develop a study plan for the year
    Figure out where the best place is for you to study. Whether it’s the library, a community room or your own desk, choose a place that doesn’t have distractions. Make sure to keep all of your school supplies (books, notes, folders) in one place. You’ll be less likely to lose an important assignment or forget to bring all your textbooks to class.
  2. Effectively communicate with professors
    Your professors are available as educational resources and support. Show that you care about your grades and develop a relationship with them. When you put in the extra work, it shows that you are determined to succeed. These skills translate into after college, work-life.
  3. Get back on school time
    To do your best work, you have to feel your best. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. If you feel overwhelmed, take a step back, talk to friends and reset. If you feel sick, visit the school’s medical station and get help.
  4. Get back into the swing of homework, class, and exams
    You can’t fully prepare for this one until classes actually begin. However, if you’ve been spending your summer relaxing, get into the habit of doing intellectually stimulating tasks. For example, pick up a book—it will help get you back into the habit of expanding concepts.

The more you prepare, the more you will thank yourself when you get back to school. It’s always an exciting time to be back on campus, so follow these tips to make your transition an easy one!

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