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In efforts to control the outbreak of COVID-19 many companies have enacted a prolonged work from home policy. While this is a necessary step and is in the best interest of employee health, working from home can be an adjustment. Below are some tips to help you transition from the office to your home!

Tips for Working From Home

Start Your Day Off Right

While it is easy to roll out of bed and log right on to your computer, you should keep up with your morning routine. Get up, shower, and get dressed for the day as normal. You’ll find yourself feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Have a Dedicated Work-space

Working from your bed seems like a great idea, but after a while it can get old. Designate a spot in your home for you to work at. It can be a whole room or as simple as a freed-up corner. Make sure it has all the things you need; natural lighting, a comfortable chair, and a distraction free zone can make a world of difference.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have everything you need to continue work as usual. This means downloading any programs or applications you regularly use. With working from home, many companies are relying on virtual conferences. Be ready for your next meeting and check to see if your camera and audio are working. Run into a tech issue? Many companies have chat options available with IT support, this is a good resource if this option is available to you.

Communication is Key

For most, working from home is a new concept. With this sudden change, it is important to maintain lines of communication. Stay in touch with your manager and make sure you know what is expected of you. A daily brief phone call can ensure that everyone is on the right track and informed. If you are a manger, make sure you are keeping the information flowing. Keep communication open and make sure your reports know it is OK to call for a chat.

Missing your daily conversation in the break room over your morning cup of coffee? Don’t be afraid to shoot a message to check in with your co-workers. This can be a way to boost spirits and help keep a sense of normalcy!

Keep the Kids Entertained

Not only are workers at home, but kids are as well. Think ahead and plan some fun activities that will keep the kids busy and allow you to focus on work. However, if you’re a parent, you know this can be difficult. You can mix in some educational activities like reading and puzzles, but know that is it OK to let the kids watch TV and play video games.  Looking for something different? Here are some ideas to keep your kids social while social distancing!

Log Out

Lastly, know when it is time to unplug! Work life balance is even more important when work is brought into your home. Take your lunch break and do something for yourself like working out or watching your favorite show. When the workday is over, exit out of your applications until its time to sign on again!

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