5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Sales

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Imagine yourself as a child being asked who you want to be when you grow up. Chances your answer would be “salesperson” are certainly lower than chances of choosing to be an artist, teacher, or even a President. People rarely feel an innate desire to devote their life to a sales career. College graduates often neglect considering a career in sales due to outdated stereotypes about annoying agents from 70’s.

However, we’re not in the 70’s anymore, and trading has changed in many ways, just like the rest of the industries. The fact is, our world is more dependent on selling something than ever before. Almost every business is spinning around selling to customers in different ways. If you think about everything we’re surrounded with, you’ll notice that every product or service you’re using was sold to you. When you apply for a job, you sell your skills. When you’re searching for a partner, you sell your best side. Selling is literally everywhere, so why avoid it?

Pursuing a career in sales may change your life, giving you helpful communication skills, business connections, above-the-average salary, and career growth. Maybe sales are just right for you? If you’re doubting, here are 5 most compelling reasons to consider a career in sales:

Earning potential

Let’s be honest: money is one of the most significant factors when choosing a job, especially for young people. The thing about sales-related jobs is that your performance directly correlates with income level. Sales people are extremely important to businesses since companies hire them to increase revenue. To put it roughly, no sales – no money for the business. That’s why successful deals are generously rewarded with commissions, bonuses, and other prizes. While for some people a fully performance-based income may seem frightening, for others it means a gold rush. Depending on the company, position, and location, the annual median salesperson salary in the US is ranging between $50,000 and $70,000.  Very successful salespeople make six-figure annual wages.

Diversity of industries

As we’ve figured out, selling is everywhere. If you have selling skills and the desire to grow, you have an unlimited variety of industries to choose from, because everything sells. Such a variety of opportunities also ensures you’ll never get bored at your job. Even if one field does not seem suitable for you, you can always proceed with your sales skills in a completely different area you’re more passionate about.

Job security

Another wonderful thing about selling is that you’ll never be left unemployed. While some industries may experience lack workforce and hire any feasible applicants, sales are stable. Despite the high competition, there’s always a workplace for a thriving salesperson. What’s more, the value of outstanding and profit-generating employees is so high that companies hunt for them.


Obviously, being a salesperson suggests constant communication with people. For some, it may sound intimidating, but having useful business connections is extremely valuable. Just imagine how many new people you can meet while thriving at your sales job. With time, even when switching companies, you’ll fully understand the value of connections.

Sense of accomplishment

The sales job is definitely not an easy one. It’s hard work, where you will go through a lot of rejections. However, such joy and satisfaction of closing a successful deal can be experienced only at the sales-related job. You get a huge sense of accomplishment, which also has a lot to do with self-esteem and financial reward.

Ultimately, sales may be the viable option to consider if you haven’t decided on your career path yet. It gives endless opportunities for growth and ensures financial security, which is probably the most comprehensive job attribute for candidates. If you can make it in selling, most likely, you’ll make it anywhere.


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