5 Reasons To Work In Supply Chain Management

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It’s hard to imagine a more challenging time for fresh graduates and for young employees than the way things are in the world right now. Many people have changed their views on their current or future careers: some people have lost their jobs, some have realized they want to change the area of activity, and some started to look for a more stable and reliable industry to work in.

If you have just graduated, or are at the early stages in your career, you may not quite understand what ‘supply chain management’ is. In fact, it is extremely versatile, diverse, and rewarding in all areas. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain industry was among the industries that were at the forefront of essential economy branches. Supply chain management encompasses an extremely wide range of activities. Everything that is involved in getting a product from the primary suppliers to the end customers can be counted as supply chain management.

More young people are searching for a diverse career that can give them growth and flexibility, but let them remain financially stable at the same time. Supply chain management jobs can give you everything you could wish for in your career.

5 reasons to work in supply chain management

Possibility for growth

In the $1.3 trillion supply chain industry, you’ll have plenty of possibilities to grow both vertically and horizontally. Since a lot of mini industries and fields all fall under the umbrella of supply chain management, you can choose from a variety of areas such as procurement, logistics, transportation, distribution, technology or sales and marketing, and keep growing until you want to.

Variety of jobs

Young people are not ready to be stuck at one job for their entire life, and the supply chain industry offers a great variety of jobs to choose from. Depending on your skills and evolving career goals, you can work in any position ranging from the dispatcher to vice president someday. The wide scope of job offers is one of the top reasons to work in supply chain management.


The industry has proven to be essential, reliable, and in-demand even in such turbulent times. In terms of financial reward, the average salaries of supply chain management jobs can exceed your expectations. So if getting a well-grounded career with the possibility of self-development and growth, supply chain management is an excellent choice.

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