5 Mistakes To Avoid At Your First Job

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Landing your first job is thrilling and exciting, but can also be a little scary. We have all been there, and getting a bit nervous before starting your first job is normal. Young employees can often make common first job mistakes while pursuing their careers. Some of these mistakes happen because of the lack of confidence and experience, while others occur due to overestimating yourself.

The last thing you want to do at your first job is to present yourself as a messy or unorganized person. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself together, at least for the first few weeks.

Here are the most common first job mistakes you should avoid:

Being late

It may seem obvious, but a large number of new employees are have trouble showing up on time. While you think that few extra minutes don’t matter, it tells your manager a lot about your job attitude. At the end of the day, we all know about long commutes and unpredictable circumstances. Try to leave earlier just in case something happens that you cannot control. Nobody will be upset if you come earlier and kick-start your working day.

Being too shy

When entering a new environment, you may feel uncomfortable and feel pressure to try and fit in. What if I say something wrong? What if I screw up? Will I get along with the team? All of these questions are buzzing around in your head, and that’s okay. Some people become extra shy when they are nervous, and this may cause difficulties. It is perfectly normal to ask people around the office for help if you need it. Young employees are often afraid to look clueless, so they decide to figure everything out on their own. The fear to ask for help can often lead to unfavorable consequences. Even if you are shy, it’s better to raise a hand than to hinder an entire process.

Being upset with your initial responsibilities

The beginning days of your job may not have been as exciting as you planned on it being, and that’s okay. Nobody will expect any major ideas or decisions from you at the very start of your career. Normally, in many entry level positions, you will either begin training or you will execute the side responsibilities of your supervisor. This is a great opportunity to present yourself as a trustworthy and reliable employee. Keep an open mind and be enthusiastic about your work, and your manager will appreciate your efforts.

Constantly being on your phone

In today’s society, smartphones can act as an extensions of ourselves. We unconsciously check our messengers and social networks every minute we can. Cell phone usage at work should be limited, especially when it is your first job. Make sure you mute your phone, so you avoid unnecessary distractions and keep yourself focused.

Avoiding social events

While it may be hard to smoothly adjust to the corporate environment and get acquainted with coworkers, there are special events and occurrences that help make it much easier. No matter the company’s size, workplace social activities are held everywhere. Participating in team-building events can help you connect with other employees and strengthen your personal image. Avoiding social activities is one of the common first job mistakes. Even if attendance is not mandatory, attending social events at work helps break the ice with new coworkers and helps you feel more comfortable around them.

Final thoughts

the main goal at your first job is to create a positive impression and present yourself as a reliable employee. Try to be organized, responsible, enthusiastic, and observe what’s going on. You got this!

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