5 Jobs That Are In High Demand Right Now

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With the coronavirus affecting the global economy, the job market took a big hit during the pandemic. In the U.S. alone, unemployment rates reached almost 15% in April, which is the highest ratio since the Great Depression. This has shaken the labor market, and for many employees, their career future is very uncertain during this time. Many people are afraid their job may be low in the demand or even become redundant.

Right now, we are witnessing some shifts in the job market that is giving people some home. Most people can easily adjust their experience and skills to get the right job. Considering current circumstances, some jobs are booming right now, so if you are on the job search, take a look at the following high-demand jobs.

Which jobs are booming right now?

Tech support

Everything in the past few months has gone online, and many servers are now overloaded with a high number of users. After this transition due to the coronavirus, remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most companies are now realizing that working from home actually works, and will not deploy the same amount of office space, or will get rid of it at all. Even such a giant company as Twitter has announced that more than 7,000 of its employees can work from home as long as they want to. With an increasing demand for cloud services, online platforms and servers, tech support, and IT workers will be in high demand.

Online teachers

The educational system has also suffered during this pandemic, as schools and universities had to close their doors to practice social distancing. Schools and universities haven’t opened yet, but classes, lectures, courses, and conferences had to transit to digital learning. Mass events will most likely be banned for a long time, and most people find it safer and easier to have private lessons online. More online classes could be a trend moving forward after the pandemic is over.

Nurses and medical care

There are plenty of jobs in the health system, ranging from nurses to administrative assistants. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will go to the frontlines to fight COVID-19, but can help contribute to the efforts from afar. The hospitals and nursing homes are generally overloaded and are looking for additional staff. Some job posting might even be offering a bonus or increased rate for coming on.

Delivery drivers

Most restaurants still haven’t returned to their normal functions, and neither had other services that can deliver their products. Deliveries have become the only solution for some grocery stores. Delivery drivers, whether it’s take-out food, groceries, or shipments, will be in high demand for a very long time.

Retail workers

Retail and cashier jobs are always in high demand and don’t require specific skills, experience, or education. Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected these jobs to decline 4% in demand until 2028, retail-related jobs will likely remain hot throughout these upcoming years.

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