5 Easy Steps to End Your Internship on a Good Note

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So, your quick glance into the real world has come to an end… now what? Is it time to go back to school to finish up a few more semesters? Is it time to look for a new internship, or even a full-time position? Regardless of what the next step is for you, make sure you leave your current internship in a positive way. Follow these 5 easy steps to ensure that your time as an intern was valued and that you will be remembered.

5 Easy Steps to End Your Internship on a Good Note

Step 1: Tie up loose ends

Finish up all of the projects you’ve been working on. If this is not possible and a project extends past the duration of your internship, set up a document to help the next person that picks up where you left off. Give them advice or any insightful information that may be useful when finishing the project. Your manager and the person in the new role will really appreciate it.

Step 2: Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. You have worked alongside these people for weeks or months now so they’ll be a valuable resource in evaluating your work ethic, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to ask – supervisors and colleagues will be eager to share their observations with you, and they could have been really impressed with a skill you didn’t even know you had. They will also give you advice on what you can improve on before you begin your next position.

Step 3: Thank everyone on your team

Tell everyone on your team how and why they motivated and encouraged you in their own unique way. It opens the door to continue communication and shows that you truly valued their time and insights. Make sure to thank anyone who had an impact on your growing career, no matter how big or small – it goes a long way.

Step 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice

If you’re looking for another internship or a full-time position, now is the time to speak up. One of the greatest takeaways from an internship is building strong, new relationships. You’ve spent time assisting colleagues in various departments and each person has different professional networks, hobbies, and levels of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a recommendation or any advice that could help you with your job hunt. When you put in hard work, these people will be more than willing to help you, you just need to ask!

Step 5: Stay in touch

Make sure you keep up with the company news and stay in touch with your former boss and colleagues. It shows them that you genuinely enjoyed your time there and are still interested in the industry.

Now that your internship is over, you’ve gained relevant experience in your field of interest and you’ve built personal and professional connections. Remember to show your gratitude for the experience and keep in touch with those who benefited your career.

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