4 Key Qualities PLS Looks for in Freight Brokers

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What is a freight broker? To put it simply, a freight broker is a liaison between a shipper and a carrier. A freight broker determines the needs of a shipper and connects that shipper with a suitable carrier to transport their freight.

What qualities does a third party logistics (3PL) company look for in successful freight brokers? To answer this question we will focus on 4 key qualities we look for in freight brokers.

1. They are self-motivated and work proactively

Just like any other employee, a freight broker must have a passion for their job. At PLS, our freight brokers enjoy their work and take pride in solving problems and building relationships. In addition, freight brokers must be proactive. They have to balance numerous clients and recognize the next step for each situation. If a disruption arises, a freight broker must be quick on his or her feet and find a solution.

2. They are results-driven

Nothing is more rewarding than creating results, and luckily this is the case for successful freight brokers. To generate good results, a freight broker needs to set goals and define actions. Successful brokers may find it easier to split up a major goal into smaller, more achievable wins to boost morale, but are confident that their ultimate goal will be reached.

3. They are customer-oriented

Building strong, lasting relationships is the key to a successful business—and a successful freight broker. PLS expects this from our employees because we want to identify what works for our clients and build trust with them. A freight broker’s goal is to provide the best service to customers and take as much stress off their hands as possible.

4. They’re flexible

Transportation and logistics are extremely fast-paced industries, so a freight broker needs to be able to keep up if something strays off track. The ability to multitask is a key quality for a freight broker. PLS trusts our employees to be flexible enough to work through solutions to unpredictable problems.

Of course, other skills and assets could be added to this list, but these 4 qualities are key to becoming a successful freight broker. Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions and apply today!

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