3 Ways To Grow Your Career While Working Remotely

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While most companies are maintaining remote working schedules, employees often feel worried about their career growth while being absent from the physical workspace. When you work from home, your actual input and value are measured with the work you do, without so much emphasis on the amount of time you spent doing it. So it is not uncommon to worry about a promotion, potential vertical or horizontal growth, and your role in the company. While working from home has its limits, it is still possible to grow your career while working remotely.

3 ways to grow your career while working remotely:

Be proactive

The best way to contribute to your growth within the company is to seek ways to bring value proactively. Try to offer help or your opinion where it would be useful but not expected. There’s no secret that proactive and initiative employees have a higher chance to get noticed, recognized, and rewarded for their efforts. So try to think of any ideas outside of your regular duties that can be helpful to your team, colleagues, or management.

Ask for feedback

Clear and frequent communication helps you to get a better view of your job. When you ask for advice or seek feedback from a mentor, fellow coworker, or manager, you show interest in your work and it shows that you have the desire to improve. The more feedback you get, the faster you can improve your performance. While working remotely, clear communication is even more critical, as physical interactions are limited, which can lead to misunderstandings.


Once again, since remote suggests more solo time, it is important to reach out to your coworkers and collaborate. Try engaging in more team projects, bringing your value and efforts. The role of communication and emotional intelligence in the workplace keeps growing, so being helpful and open can also boost your career.

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