3 Reasons to Choose a Supply Chain Career In 2021

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The pandemic drastically changed the career landscape, not just for young graduates who are starting their careers, but for the majority of employed people around the world. Currently, the unemployment rate in the US is around 6%, which accounts for roughly 9.81 million unemployed people. The pandemic not only resulted in the rise of unemployment, but also changed the perception of the in-office, 40 hour work week forever. Reliability and stability, along with job flexibility, are becoming the top priorities for many workers in search of their employer. The supply chain is among the industries that have been attracting talents lately.

Why choose a supply chain career in 2021?

It’s experiencing rapid growth

Career offerings surged during the pandemic in supply chain and logistics industry. In the past, this field has not been on many people’s radar for a career due to the lack of public visibility and understanding of the industry, but it appears that is rapidly changing. During the quarantine, many realized that the logistics and supply chain are some of the most crucial areas in the global economy or so-called essential industries, and now view it as a reliable, sustainable industry in which they can build a career.

Labor shortages are nothing new to the logistics industry, but during the pandemic, the shortage increased significantly. LinkedIn states that hiring for e-commerce fulfillment roles, in particular, increased 73% from 2019 to 2020. Businesses offering those jobs were still looking to fill some 400,000 open positions as of January 2021.

Diversity and versatility

If you’re planning to pursue a career in supply chain or logistics, it is very unlikely that you will get bored or stuck in one position for too long. The supply chain is a multiconnected, versatile industry on the crossover of many other industry sectors, where every day is different and full of thrilling challenges. In this industry, you can look forward to having ample opportunity for growth and development both vertically and horizontally. Management, procurement, logistics, sales, communications, warehousing, retail, accounting - all of these are just a few subsets of this large and vibrant career field.

It’s getting more important in the modern world

With rapid globalization and the sharp acceleration of e-commerce, supply chains are getting more complex. This means that the importance of supply chain jobs is growing as well, and we are seeing even more opportunities for career development are emerging. It is becoming a digitized industry that needs professionals and talents and is rewarding in return.

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