10 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Your New Job

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  1. Arrive Early & Stay Late-Being punctual shows organization and commitment
  2. Dress the Part-Follow the dress code
  3. -Dress for the job you want
  1. Attitude-Be friendly and enthusiastic-Smile
  2. Ask for Help-Instead of doing a task incorrectly, ask for help
  3. Take Initiative-Seek out new projects where you think you can be of assistance
  4. Avoid Gossip-Don’t talk badly about fellow employees or spread rumors
  5. Say “Thank You”-Appreciate the help people offer you
  6. Own Your Mistakes-Find a solution and take responsibility if you’re in the wrong
  7. Get to Know the Company and Coworkers-Find common interests with those you work with-Keep up with trending news in your industry
  8. Put Your Phone Away-Don’t default to playing on your phone-Be in the moment


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