10 Tips to Prepare for a Career Fair

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  1. Know the dress code. Some career fairs maybe business casual while others suggest interview attire. Call the host of the career fair and ask about the appropriate attire.
  2. Research companies that will be in attendance. Determine the companies that match your interests and career goals prior to the fair. Also, make sure to see who has available jobs.
  1. Have a strategy. Aim to visit 5-7 booths and be prepared to ask knowledgeable questions about the company.
  2. Resume and Cover Letters. Write customized cover letters for employers you plan on meeting. Ask intelligent questions and show your knowledge of the company.
  3. Arrive early. Lines can be long, so arrive early, preferably before the fair officially begins.
  4. Create an elevator speech. Prepare a 20-30 second introduction about yourself and your experience.
  5. Don’t ask:
  6. “What does your company do?” You should know this in advance.
  7. For information, you could easily learn by visiting the company’s website
  8. About salary and benefits. A career fair is not the place for this conversation.
  9. Watch your mannerisms. Stand up straight, don’t fidget, don’t chew gum, and don’t smell like smoke.
  10. Don’t just toss your resume on the booth. Take time to introduce and market yourself to the employer.
  11. Gather business cards. Take notes on the card so you remember the conversation. Follow up with a personalized Thank You email after the career fair is over.

Visit the PLS Recruiting Events page to find a listing of the upcoming campus events that we’ll be attending.

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