Whether it is GPS tracking, mobile apps or autonomous trucks, technology is making an impact on the way we ship. There are constantly new technological developments being made that are changing the shipping industry every day. One of the newest developments is drove delivery, which is a new form of shipping technology that is catching many people’s attention and could have a massive impact on the industry as a whole.

Drone delivery is the idea of shipping consumers their packages via a delivery drone flying from a base location to the customers’ doorstep. Companies want to get consumers their goods as fast as possible. Using trucks is the current and traditional way for companies to ship goods to consumers, but due to an increasing demand for quick deliveries, companies have been looking to alternate solutions.iStock-1032549244

Amazon began looking into drone delivery in 2013 and has been making new developments towards implementing it into their shipping service ever since. Amazon has introduced the idea of “Prime Air” to consumers that would operate completely through drone delivery. There are many hurdles for Amazon to get past before something like Prime Air could launch in today’s society, but the idea of using drones to deliver packages could help many companies like Amazon get consumers their goods within just a few hours or minutes.

Whether you like the idea of drone delivery or not, it could transform the entire way that consumers ship and receive packages. Drone delivery could bring many major changes to today’s world, such as:

  • Drones would constantly be flying around the air delivering packages throughout the day.
  • Online orders and impulse buying will sky rocket due to the rapid delivery speed of shipments.
  • Physical store locations would battle with drone delivery to get customers into the store versus ordering goods online.
  • Consumer rights may be impacted because of different shipping complications that may occur with drone delivery, such as stolen drones or damaged packages.

It is exciting to see how new technology like drone delivery will continue to change the shipping industry in the coming months.


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