Having a powerful, scalable transportation management system (TMS) is necessary for effective transportation operations. Omni-channel commerce is much more difficult to handle than everyday operations from a transportation perspective, and visibility into the supply chain is the key to success. A TMS can provide detailed reports to improve omni-channel functionstms for omnichannel ecommerce

A TMS with advanced reporting features will be able to:

Send alerts regarding disruptions

A TMS provides automated alerts when a shipment is delayed, damaged or unable to be delivered. Because of this alert, a customer can be notified of a delay or a new product source can be identified and dispatched immediately.

Track total transportation spend

TMS software has to ability to aggregate and finds the total cost of transportation for a company, which typically exceed the expectations. This information will allow a company to begin making improvements and track progress.

Provide on-time delivery metrics

A TMS provides on-time performance results to a DC, store or supplier. This information helps to determine where inefficiencies arise in logistics processes. It can also help uncover the most efficient routes and what combination of DCs and stores will enhance service such as the buy online, pick up in store model.

Create inbound shipment visibility

TMS software offers real-time information on inbound shipments. This allows a company to prepare for unloading/loading to keep operations moving smoothly and to plan appropriately for labor needs.

Reduce shipping costs

A TMS creates cost-saving opportunities, first through visibility, which allows identification of the problem, and then through tracking the progress of the solution. A TMS helps find the most operative lanes, consolidates shipments, picks out the most productive carriers, and even helps keep inventory moving smoothly through warehouses.

Omni-channel logistics is extremely difficult to manage and will only get more difficult as e-commerce grows in popularity. The reports a TMS provides are invaluable for transportation optimization, and in turn, customer satisfaction.

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