3 Reasons Why a TMS is Essential to Your Business


In today’s business climate, having reliable and robust software solutions for your organization is no longer an option; it is a must-have. Still, many companies underestimate how essential a transportation management system (TMS) is. Under the pressure of the pandemic and challenging market, many companies have struggled to optimize costs. Others are hesitant to invest in new technologies. TMS solutions are irreplaceable tools for navigating through uncertain markets and can significantly reduce costs in the long run.

Why is a TMS essential to your business?

1. Operational efficiency

With a consistent and functional TMS, your company can greatly increase operational efficiency and utilize all available resources to optimize every shipment. TMS solutions allow your organization to easily find and book shipments, giving you access to carriers, lanes, and required equipment to get the job done. This process also documents each shipment, giving you valuable insights into your team’s transportation process, costs, and success rate.

In the long run, having a dedicated transportation management system allows you to analyze spending, operational gaps, inventory, and much more. Using this information, your team can make data-driven decisions to improve cash flow and overall productivity.

2. Better customer service

TMS solutions can also support customer service efforts by giving you greater order fulfillment and control over the last steps of the delivery process. Last-mile delivery has become a priority as many organizations revamp their supply chains.

The advanced functionality of a TMS helps:

  • Optimize order fulfillment
  • Provide transparent and accessible tracking
  • Efficiently consolidate shipments to make your customers happier

3. Save time & money

Naturally, improved operational efficiency, data-driven decisions, and enhanced customer service can result in significant cost savings. TMS solutions can also drastically reduce the amount of manual labor and human error in your transportation department, letting go of all the risk and none of the reward.

While creating a TMS solution from scratch is a pricey endeavor, you can always use an innovative, established partner like PLS! With TMS solutions that complement our track record as an effective 3PL, PLS can provide TMS solutions that will make your bottom line and customers smile. Check out our TMS solutions here!


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