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What is global air freight shipping?

Air freight shipping is the transportation method that refers to moving parcel and freight overseas through aircraft. Air freight remains the fastest freight shipping method, despite it is less frequently used compared to other transportation options like ocean shipping and trucking. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, air freight volumes have drastically increased within recent years. In 2019, air freight is predicted to of transported freight.

How much does international air freight shipping cost

Essentially, air freight shipping services are known for their outstanding shipping speed that comes at a high cost. Air freight rates are formed by many different factors, including fuel surcharges, handling fees, customs payments and more, but the defining factor in the air shipping price is the shipment’s weight. In air freight shipping, both actual and dimensional weight is considered. If the dimensional weight is bigger than the actual, you will be charged according to volumic weight.

What can you ship through air freight?

Air freight shipping can handle many commodity types, however, there are some goods that are predominantly shipped via air:

  • Clothing & apparel. Fashion changes fast, and there is always a demand for textile products.
  • Gadgets & electronics. Since air freight shipping is considered one of the safest transportation modes, expensive goods like electronics are often moved through aircraft.
  • Medical supplies and drugs are in high demand all over the world and need to be distributed globally in a fast manner.

Other commodities include:

  • Mining and energy products
  • Movie production
  • Equipment
  • Other retail products
  • Seasonal products

How does air freight shipping work?

Depending on your air freight carrier, there can be different ways of arranging air shipping. However, the general scheme looks like this:

  1. Choosing a shipping provider.
  2. An air company or third-party logistics provider registers your shipment, finds a carrier and manages freight pick-up from the facility or warehouse.
  3. Your cargo is loaded and taken to the airline, and then loaded on the plane.
  4. After it arrives at the destination, another carrier picks up your freight from the airline and takes it to the final destination.

What are the advantages of air freight shipping?

As one of the most commonly used shipping modes, air shipping has many benefits as well as pitfalls.

The most comprehensive advantage of global air freight shipping is its speed. Compared to weeks, or even months that ocean shipping takes, you can receive a shipment from another part of the world in 2 – 7 days. Most air shipments are transported via truck to the airport, which may add a few days onto the time that it takes to transport a shipment. This plays an important role for retail shippers and companies who sell electronics, apparel, consumer packaged goods, medical supplies, and pharmaceutics.

Apart from short transit times, air shipping provides shipment safety, international coverage, and fewer disruptions. It is often used for transporting valuable paperwork and expensive goods.

What are the disadvantages of air freight shipping?

The most significant disadvantage of air freight shipping is its high cost. Compared to other transportation methods like trucking, rail or ocean, moving cargo through global air freight is expensive. It can be a great solution for large companies where speed is a priority.

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