Rail Shipping – Maximized Network, Minimized Costs

We move over 20,000,000 tons by rail every year. With our immense network in all modes, PLS is uniquely positioned to deliver maximized efficiency to your supply chain.  Take advantage of our broad base of experience in industrial rail management.

Technology and data solutions

With PLS PRO, managing and optimizing rail shipments becomes simple with easy-to-use online tools and clean data. PLS PRO enables you to directly access all class 1 railroads, with a single point of contact. No more fighting with cumbersome, error-prone data from the railroads.

PLS Logistics Rail Services

Regional, national, or international…PLS Logistics is ready to move. With our deep network and relationships in rail shipping and other logistics modes, you can be confident that your supply chain is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

We put the advantages of rail shipping to work for you…instead of the other way around. A few of the rail shipping services PLS offers are:

  • Multimodal shipments from origin, through transloader, and arranging for container/railcar discharge and trucking to final destination
  • Empty car management
  • Loaded car management
  • Tracking to final destination
  • Rail car billing
  • Private fleet management

What Kind of Shipments Should Use Rail?

When moving large volumes of commodities such as steel, copper, iron ore, coke, and coal, rail shipping can be leveraged to optimize efficiency and cost.  Even when rail carload quantities or transit times are not practical, PLS offers intermodal solutions to balance the speed and flexibility of truck with the economies of rail.

Let’s Talk About Your Shipping Needs

We have rail shipping experts that are anxious to learn about your business and simplify your supply chain management. It usually takes only 10 minutes to discover new opportunities to both simplify a shipper’s supply chain and save money.