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Powerful Reporting Improves Insight

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The concept of collecting and studying data for business intelligence is nothing new – but today, there is more data available than ever before. It’s estimated that each day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. This data, “big data”, is able to be gathered, sorted and analyzed thanks to advanced, systematized technology.

Leveraging big data is extremely valuable in transportation and logistics planning. When managed properly, big data can be used to make better transportation decisions and can help enhance business operations.

A Simple Guide To Driving Customer Loyalty Through Freight Management

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Freight management plays a large role in the customer experience, and as you probably know, customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Some companies and e-retailers dedicate their entire business plan to the customer experience. End consumers are now demanding such a high level of service that the whole supply chain environment is changing to accommodate them. The customer is and always will be a priority, but now customers of B2C and B2B businesses are demanding very similar things.

Expectations In Transportation And Logistics (2015 Edition)

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We are predicting that a variety of factors will greatly shape the industry in 2015.

Influences include:

  • Big Data
  • Driver Demographics
  • Capacity Shortage
  • Omni-channel Experience

This eBook will help identify the most efficient ways to resolve this year’s challenges.

DOT Regulations

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In this eBook, you will gain insight into the current rules and regulations imposed on the transportation industry by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The Hours of Service (HOS) Rule, ELD Mandate, minimum levels of financial responsibility, heavy vehicle speed limiters and no-defect DVIRs will be explained and their impact will be made clear.

Shippers Complete Guide to Understanding LTL

Shippers Complete Guide To Understanding LTL

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In this eBook, you will learn all about the basics of shipping LTL freight. The world of LTL can be a nightmare. Learn how to be carrier-friendly in order to secure capacity whenever you need it, and learn to ship correctly to avoid unnecessary charges.

Are You Using Expedited Shipping The Right Way?

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  • Why consistent delivery is the primary element in gaining customer satisfaction
  • How to plan for expedited shipping instead of using it as a rushed solution
  • How to reduce expedited shipping costs
  • The value of JIT inventory
  • Why expedited transportation is an effective shipping strategy